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How to save 50% to get Italy-Quality Sintered Stone for Kitchen top?

Hello, I am Baggio, 24 Years in Natural stone business, now focusing on China Sintered Stone

This video  is to show you how I can save you 50% when buying high quality Sintered Stone slabs from China.

After watching this video,  I am sure you will know how to do.

Now let’s start!

1. If you are importing or planning to import Sintered stone slabs from Italy / Spain,

Due to the high price of natural gas and clay caused by the war, the price of 12MM slabs from Spain/Italy is $70-90/M2, while the price of same high quality China slabs  is less than 50% . We Use Italy SACMI machines which is same as Neolith, Digital Printing Inks from Spain Torrecid company,  the quality and whole export process are fully guaranteed, while the price is only 50% of Italy, so each 20″ container you can save 30,000 – 40,000 USD.

2. If you have already imported China Sintered stone slabs.

Please check whether you are buying first quality, be sure to avoid second quality slabs. Because many trading companies do not know the factories and quality standard of sintered stone, they just buy cheap second grade products from the market, which have lots quality problems such as not burned through, black spots and holes on the surface. The slabs not burned through are not strong enough, so they are very easy to break during processing and even after installation,  the countertops with black spots and holes may be refused by private customers. These second quaity slabs will cause you lots of  customer claims and lose thousands of USD.

We can 100% guarantee that All slabs we provided are 1st quality produced by Big & Professional factories to avoid any loss to you due to quality problems.

3. What you need is not a factory, but a reliable & trustworthy partner for Sintered Stone. Based on 20 years of experience in stone export. In 2016, we started to import Sintered Stone from Spain to process table tops,  now we fabricate and export 20000 Pcs  table tops every year. Through close and deep cooperation with top 30  China  Sintered Stone manufacturers, we can provide you high quality slabs at very fair price.

(1) We provide a full range of services, including Sending sample, making quotation, tracking production, inspecting quality, loading container, and arranging shipment through your freight forwarder.

(2) We Keep recommending New & Hot-sale colors from different manufacturers ,  and provide FREE market trend analysis and advice to you to help you increase sales & Profit.

(3) In addition, we help you to develop Sintered Stone dining tables by providing Modern Design table frames, which could be loaded into spare space of your sintered stone container, so shipping is free.

If you want to save 50% to buy High quality Sintered Stone slabs, be sure to contact me for Free consulting, please email me!

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