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As a long-term partner, We help lots of Designers grow up business by offering their design tables in High-Quality at fair prices. 

We are really glad to see my customer-Kalina starts from 0 in 2016, in 2021 She has sold 2000 Pcs her design tables.

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Quality Tips

Many Designers find it really hard to understand huge prices difference from different suppliers,  Since lots China companies sell only cheap Look-alike products low quality, with bad service.

We have 3 simple tips to guarantee High Quality, let’s get started.

1. Material

Stainless Steel

#201 stainless steel is good for Interior tables. #304 Stainless steel is safe for outdoor tables


Steel is cheap, while the surface is rough, can not be acceptable for high-end table.

2. Surface

100% Handbrushed Smooth Surface

Smooth Brass surface

Welding Spots

Steel surface has holes and looks rough even after eletroplating

100% Handbrushed Natural Veins

Handbrushed veins are natural and uneven

Straight Veins on Stainless Steel Surface

Machine Made Veins are straight and uniform

3. Size Accuracy

1.85MM Thickness same as Original

We use thick & Heavy Brass in 1.85 thickness, same as Original

0.6-0.8MM Thickness

Cheap products only use thin materials to reduce cost

Drawing + Price

In 2016, I have got an Email from Kalina, who was a Furniture  Designer, She wanted us to make her designs into High-End Coffee Tables, and sell to furniture shops.

We spend lots of time making everything clear, She needs only Table Frame, her small workshop will install Tabletops in different colors Ceramic according to orders. 

Then i make my drawing and Quotation.

My CAD Drawing



Kalina prepared all our products for furniture show, she gots lots customers including Top Furniture retailers, Small Furniture shop

100% Brass for High-Quality


Any Quality Problem?

Our professional QC Team guarantee High-Quality for 100+ Interior Designers,

They check all details piece by piece!


Do not worry about shipment,  we are fully experienced to arrange shipment to your Doorstep.


Normally you will get ordered Lighting at home within 40-80 Days.

Step 1: Confirming Orders (3-7 days)

After getting your inquiry, we will make offer based on Sizes, Colors, Quantity, Delivery Time. Then you will confirm order by paying 50% deposit.

Step 2: Manufacturing (20-35 days)

We will prepare materials, manufacture components, assemble everything according to your order.

Step 3: Inspecting Quality (within 1 day)

After Self Quality Inspection done by factory, our professional QC Team will make final inspection, and take pics & videos for your confirmation.

Step 4: Shipping to your doorstep (7-50 days)

After confirming Quality, customers will pay the 50% balance. Then we will arrange shipment to your doorstep. 

  1. DHL -7 days

          DHL is quick but expansive.

    2. DDP by Sea Freight-50 days

DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) means we will afford all cost & risks such as Transportation to door, Custom Clearance, Duties, Import Tarrifs, Customers are only in charge of unloading  goods.

Now the shipping cost is Rising, Contact us for Real-Time Quote!

We have good logistic network worldwide, no matter you are in California( USA) or London(UK),

Even Netherlands, Swiss. You could always enjoy to-door shipment at fair price.

A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose US ?

 FCC(USA) UL(USA)      ROHS( EU)    CE(EU) Certificate

Our Happy Customers

Listen what our customers say!


  Yes, we could arrange samples, While There will be extra charge for 1 Pc sample.

After getting your 50% deposit, we will complete production within 25-35 days, the shipment by DHL takes 7 days, by Sea freight it takes ca 50 days to door.

So normally 40 days by DHL

                       80 days by Sea freight

Yes, pls inform us your requirement with a detailed Address, Contact way. We will arrange shipment to door, you are only in charge of unloading ordered lights.

It happens on rare occasions because we ensure that all our products are well-packaged before being shipped.

But in case it does, please contact us, we will guide you and advise you accordingly.

Contact us to Start Your buiness!