Sourcing Italy Quality Sintered Stone Slabs at 50% Price?

As China Most Professional manufacturer for Italy-Quality Sintered Stone, we help you send samples, make quick quotation,  follow up production, inspect quality, load container, and arrange  low-cost shipment to your door.

  • Italy Quality-Manufactured by Italy SACMI CONTINUA +
  • 50% Price
  • Quick Shipment: 100000 M2 Stock in 100 Colors 

Italy-Quality Sintered Stone for Kitchentop and wall

100 colors, 9 sizes, 5 thicknesses and 5 surfaces

Ultimate Size

Our Slabs spans a breathtaking 320×160 cm, also available in the sizes of 300×120, 280×160 300×120 280×120 270×120 260×80 200×90 200×80 180×90 140×80 130×70 Cm

100 Colors

Hot-Sale Colors

Calacata Lux Style

White Marble

Pietra Grey

Pico Dining Table

Tulip Dining Table

How we Fast Grow Your business?

We are not only a China High-quality Sintered Stone supplier but your long-term partner.

For different business models, we will tailor our services to best support your business.

Stone Fabricators

We help you to direct import High-quality slabs from manufacturer.

We focus on reducing Total cost and keeping stable quality, to support you reduce cost.

We develop table for your extra profit.


We help you choose those Hot-sale colors from Big Brands for quick selling.

1 Color/Bundle is accepted.

Our Quick-Delivery(2-3 weeks) could reduce your cost & risk in the stock.


We find the best matching colors for your projects.

Similar colors to Big Brands, but 50%-70% Cheaper. No MOQ, No Need to Custom Made. 

Italy Sacmi Continua+ Technology

Factory Video

How we work with you Step by Step

How We Stand Out from Other Sintered Stone Suppliers

Yes, We only offer High- Quality slabs strong for Kitchen top fabrication,   That's why we could serve 100+ customers.

  1. Italy SACMI Continua+
  2.  Italy SYSTEM Digital Printer
  3. Spain Torrecid Digital Ink.

Sure. Our slabs have been checked by Clients from EU, USA.

Meanwhile our tabletop factory fabricate 20000 Pcs table top from these slabs.

So we 100% assure our slabs are strong for fabrication, unlike those cheap, fragile slabs.

Ca 3-10 Weeks

Production Time: 2-3 Weeks

Sea Freight: 1-7 Weeks

 It takes Max 1 week to Southeast Asia

While to Latin America needs 5-6 weeks


Work with us in 4 Steps Easily

  1. Send email asking for Quotation and check it

  2. Talk and confirm Details  & send Testing Samples

  3.  Confirm Quality and start formal order by paying 30% deposit

  4. we inspect quality, load container and send pics & video, you make rest 70% payment
  1. Payment for Sample & Logistic cost should be made after we make clear drawing, then we make testing sample and arrange shipment.
  2. 30% Deposit will be made to confirm formal orders, then we start production.
  3.  Inspect Quality and Load container, we will send pics by email to you,  then you make the rest 70% payment.
  4. We then will telex release the container and send original documents to you.

Our HAPPY Clients

Listen what our customers say!

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Ready To Import Italy-Quality Sintered Stone from China?

Start growing with Baggio today. We help you get High-Quality Slabs at the most competitive prices. 

We focus on growing up your sintered stone business on to  Kitchen Tops, Furniture, Projects, Cabinet.

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