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How to Finish Stone Tile

Sealing stone tile properly will keep it looking good for years. Sealers will help protect the stone and reduce maintenance required. There are several types of sealers that provide different types of finish. All sealers fill porous cavities and make the stone smoother. However, sealers used to fill in larger holes do not wear in the same way as the stone and could fade differently over time.

Wait a week after the grout has dried before finishing new stone tiles.

Put on rubber gloves and eye protection.

Clean the stone tile thoroughly. Use a soft-bristle scrub brush and pH balanced cleaners. Liquid dish soap has a balanced pH and works well.

Rinse the tile and grout thoroughly to remove any remaining cleaner.

Let the stone tile dry completely.

Decide on the type of sealer to use. Gloss sealers give the tile a wet look. A matte finish retains a natural look. Topical sealers stay on the surface, while penetrating sealers penetrate the tile and therefore give better protection.

Apply sealer with a brush in a thin coat that follows the stone grain. Use a smaller paintbrush to paint the sealer into the joints. Follow specific instructions of the sealer.

Wipe excess sealer off the tile with a damp rag.

Let the tile dry for at least two hours before applying a second coat.


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