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Types of Travertine Mosaic Tiles to Choose From

Travertine mosaic tiles can be utilized in so many ways to make your home look as beautiful as possible. This kind of tile has been in existence for several centuries and it has been a popular choice for a lot of homes and buildings during that time. The people who first appreciated this material were the Romans who utilized it in areas that had high traffic. During this era, people were already admiring its natural beauty as it became the main construction material of the city. Nowadays, your home can have the same beauty and this can be enjoyed by your visitors who will come to your home. There are several types of mosaic tiles that you may want to check out for different applications depending on which room you plan to accent.

The travertine mosaic tile that is gold mesh mounted is one kind of tile that is preferred by a lot of people. These tiles usually have unique designs which are influenced by different design patterns and colors. The rich color of gold is a great combination with other colors so that they can stand out or complement the area's design and provide a classic mosaic look. The tiles are great to be placed in many areas around the home especially in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

Another popular design for a mosaic style is the diamond pattern. This type of tile also has its own unique features which will stand out in the kitchen area or any other rooms in the house where a more modern look is wanted. These tiles are generally found in either beige or ivory which are both neutral colors and thus the tiles can fit well into any color scheme of a room.

Mix mesh mounted travertine mosaic tile is another choice. Many people choose this style because they provide what looks like a designer-inspired look. The tiles can be utilized in a combination of design patterns and colors so that the area where they are placed will have a one of a kind look. Traditionally very exact pattern were used but more modern, free form designs are now becoming very popular in the states.

These are some of the many types of travertine mosaic tiles and you can choose them separately or together to make your home design personalized. These tiles are used for areas inside and outside the home or building so they can give the place a unique elegant appearance. The popularity of mosaic tiles has always been high and this will surely continue to last for a long time.


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